Nice1 Kenny… next time No Lip-Gloss ok?! :)

As soon as I got over the fact that there are guys in this video wearing “LIP GLOSS”(??!!!)… I realised it’s actually a good offering of appreciation for God (in my opinion I must add)… I just wish the director didn’t give this guy bad advice.
Kenny Sam manages in Omemma to do what so many Christians fail to do in their songs these days; he just simply says God you’re overwhelmingly good, I praise you, I remember your works etc and Kenny resists the urge for lazy Gospel music writing to just go into how God gave him cars or money.

I do not like the video which might be too inspired by Kirk Franklins “I smile” where there was a lot of this Lip Glossy stuff, and don’t tell me “its Chap sticks cuz a brothas lips got dry”… it’s just… Odd. Or maybe I’m old school and it’s now acceptable. Sha sha, I like the song, I like any Gospel that I can internalise, sing in the first person perspective, and it would still apply to my life, and if it’s instrumentals aren’t too dated and you can play it on radio any day, not just Sunday then you can bet I want it on the iPod.

Other than a video that’s thematically disconnected to the theme, It’s an 8 over 10 in my books.


Religion=Man searching 4God; Christianity=God searching 4Man. Religion Makes U Blind while Jesus makes U See…

This dude has a few points that are spot on, as well as a few logical inconsistencies, but agree with him or not it’s a great piece if you want to put your “Church mind” on the treadmill for a few minutes. His point of view is not new or unique but his presentation makes it attractive to a younger generation. His suggests that today’s religion is devoid of truth, love and grace at the core, and… you know what lemme let you watch and draw your own meaning from it…

I Gotta watch the movie this came from!!! Nice 1… I ramble on below :)

Lets face the fact, we may all want to claim that what we watch has absolutely NO influence on how we think or what we do, but deep down we know it’s hogwash, playing “grand theft auto” or watching a violent movie may not make me go out and shoot someone, but I’ll admit when I’m done that my instinct to forgive or walk away from a fight will be a little duller than before… just being honest like we all should be. So why don’t we watch more Christian films? We can come up with a few genuine reasons as well as a million excuses that wouldn’t hold water if we told them to a 10year old.
My Mom came over for Christmas and brought a few of em’ and after the though provoking discussions I and my elder brother had about the film, its message, it’s flaws, its strong points etc I realised I actually do need more of them “Christian films”. I know they’re not the most exiting explosive graphic extravaganzas that we see Michael Bay create with Transformers or who ever made District 9, but once you break your duck with one or two of them you realise that they are actually better movies.
I believe EVERYBODY IS PREACHING SOMETHING TO YOU whether they admit it or not. The rapper has his message, the sultry R&B diva etc but they won’t call it a message so it’s a weak reason to say you don’t want to watch a movie/listen to a song because you’re not in the mood to be preached to.
Be honest when you and I avoid a type of song or movie it’s because we want to avoid what it’s preaching, or we disagree with its message… wait what’s the point or my ramble again?… To be honest I’m not sure but if I edit this to be more coherent I might get rid of a few points I’d prefer to leave out there so Instead I’ll just move on and say check out this video below. It’s clip from a movie called “Blessed and Cursed” which is a movie with a Christian message I assume. I’m off to find out where I can buy it and check out.

So that’s “Mighty God” from the movie blessed and cursed. Dwight Hawkins, played by Gospel Singer Deitrick Haddon, struggles to realize his God-given purpose. Dwight must choose between a family obligation and pursuing his own dreams of Gospel super stardom. This is a great song with great lyrics. You Can pick up Deitrick’s new CD at amazon or itunes. Also don’t forget get to check out Deitrick’s album Revealed. Here is Deitrick’s site: and check out the movie website Enjoy!

Speaking of Moms, I can hear her voice in my head reminding me to check my spelling like my wife does today, I typed this in a hurry so If you find spelling errors please don’t tell my Mom or my wife… Lol 😀

Some humble music to drive to on a Wednesday morning


W’Sup People, the name is Chris Shalom and this is “You Are The Reason”. It’s good driving music sat upon a light piano melody with an admittedly dated use of the hi-hats garnishing, but it works enough because what it may be lacking in sound it more than makes up for in a powerful theme of Thankfulness in humility.
If not for your grace where we for dey, how you could love people like us is amazing… classic themes that will remain true for as long as man is not able to attain righteousness by his own effort. I’m personally trying to learn to internalise this theme so much that in future it makes it easier to come as I am and accept Gods love, Ol’boy renewing ones mind is not an easy thing sha but… sha sha press play.

As a track there’s a few parts I’d make him re-sing, and I would edit his voice a bit different, I’m not feeling the instrumentals to be honest but that is a matter of personal preference, not that they’re bad or anything. As a written piece and Gospel song I can’t find any fault with it however, which is just as well because it’s not my place to do that. Enjoy 🙂

So so Wonder


Charmain says God is awesome in 9ja pidgin-english with this “So so Wonder”. I seriously love the soprano saxophone intro and the African print as they dance on the roof with the skyline panning in the distance. It’s worded simply and direct which makes it easy to internalise, remembering the words wont be hard and meaning it on a personal note wont be a stretch if you make an honest assessment of Gods providence in your life. I love that she lets the sax have a solo also, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but Xt likey 🙂

In terms of image Charmain makes no attempt to pander to the cultural invasion of pop culture that seems to be taking over 9ja at the moment and I think this is a wise choice as it helps her retain some artistic integrity and dignity, I wouldn’t have believed her particularly in skinny jeans and fluorescent green T’s, she lets the young dancers that join her on the roof towards the end of the song do the pop-culture marketing. Wise one. I felt insulted when I saw ‘Kenny Ogungbe’ trying to act 17yrs old in “Calabar girl” , but that’s neither here nor there.
I like it, its mature and effective, and if I was a radio DJ I’d play it any day, not just Sunday.

Detrick Haddon’s song makes it easier to imagine that Moment when God’ll say… “Well Done” :)

Dont worry I’ll soon dig up more quality 9ja Gospel, just been a bit too busy to web-crawl to find them and the Onyibo Gospel is sooo easy to find, but na di same God all dey worship nw, abi I lie? 🙂

The song makes me want to make better use of today… to also be more disciplined… It makes me want to impress God, and yes I know that’s impossible considering Gods awesomeness and how long He’s spent being Awesome, but It makes me want to try harder.
Sadly this gem will be confined to sunday radio because it’s Gospel, I wish more people got to hear this and be reminded of the fact that life on Earth is not the end of it all. Me and Wifey had a discussion about that yesterday (Shout out to the Mrs :* ) how we’d all be nicer to our neighbours, there’s be less crime, murder and misery If we realised there was more to life.
So… I know most of my weaknesses like you know yours too, lets pray for Gods grace to live this life like His word asks us to, and hopefully in faith we will one day get to hear him say “Well Done, Come on In”. After a world as complicated as this it would be the ultimate triumphant cherry on top 🙂

Get Down… as In down on your knees when life gets too heavy

Lately I’ve had a ton of stuff sitting on my mind, mostly stuff relating to the political turmoil in Nigeria where I’m obviously from… Pictures surfaced today of a young unarmed man who was allegedly shot in cold blood by Police officers supposedly for refusing to disperse from a crowd in a timely manner. I’ve kept his name out of my post so I don’t direct anybody to the disturbing images, if you haven’t seen them already. When I get upset by matters like this I feel the need to detox my mind… wash my soul in something more positive after all the vexing, posting on facebook, talking politics on the phone etc. Today this is the song I’ve been detoxing to and I thought I’d share. It’s Get down by Dawkins and Dawkins.

Also I thought I’d use this to announce I’ll no longer be posting just Nigerian Gospel. I’m widening the pool of stuff I can post from because to be honest It’s haaaaard to find good 9ja stuff and I don’t want to post anything with poor quality. Well folks, I’m off to detox… there’s going to be more political unrest in 9ja tomorrow probably… sleep tight and God bless