what if People listened to Music they needed, not what radio told them they liked? Ada -I beleive


Hiya, check out Ada with I believe in you. Another great worshiper that I’ve never heard of before. While some of the chords in the instrumental have been hijacked by that gospel sound I like to refer to as “Hillsong gospel sound”, she somehow manages to make it sound sorta contemporary. At times it almost becomes a gentle rock ballad… but enough yarns about the flesh of the track which I give a 7 outta 10.
On to the spirit of the track, which is a gift for God that I dare not rate, I like. The theme is simple and on point. She says I’m not here to brag about my life (personally I think Gospel rappers do that too much), you are sovereign, I’ve seen your goodness, your Glory… I am yours, you are God and I believe. I love it. Thank You Ada 😀

Back to the flesh of the track, the video possesses a calming quality for me while allowing us to get used to seeing her, a trick most new artists forget to employ. It was shot by Patrick Elis… I repeat Patrick Elis, so I love the fact that she works with professionals, I don’t like it when Christians shoot videos on a camera-phone and expect it to compete with secular music, success comes from God yes, but if you’re doing it for God get in as much quality as your money can afford.
So it’s crisp as you would expect from Patrick Elis and it’s simple as you would expect a Christian not to be wasteful with money. It’s a track you could start everyday with even if you wouldn’t jam it at the next Church party.

These artists from Loveworld records are really impressing me with the level of quality the go for. You can listen to Frank Edwards also, he’s a personal favourite of mine.


Solid Photo of the day… Black Jesus

Meanwhile your guy just dey perambulate when he see some kind things… Check out this pick of a Black Jesus I found at http://ragskanyiphotographyblog.com/?tag=black-jesus …. nice right? I know Jesus was neither black nor white but probably looked more like a middle eastern guy but I just thought this was a cool interpretation. Enjoy!

Also I gbadun the threads as well as the dreads.

If Ipods could talk what would they ask for? Moji ignores the Atheist, but her song sweet sha


Moji says He’s real, she don collect expo from Bible but as she look around she see say mehn but Baba God try sha :D.
Again the first criticism I have against it will be that it’s a bit too “designed for Church people only” but that can’t detract from the fact that it is a great song to reaffirm ones belief on a SERIOUS BEAT!!! I want it pon me ipod 🙂

I know the two tracks I’ve put up today are of a slower pace, but no worry I’ll switch it up soon just listen to the words for now.

Back to the song, yes its written for those that already believe so lets look at it from that angle then, it draws your attention to the some of the beautiful God made natural wonders of His making saying that God is in the very fabric that the world was tailored from, and it’s good to be reminded of that when we get too busy searching for God on the label of the cloth… he’s in the very fabric, every thread… somewhere in all my rambling there is a point, I promise.
Gbenga Salu makes good video’s too. The song and Video got me in less that 10secs which is good cuz I have the attention span of a 2yr old some times, and Moji repeatedly makes a point that I can easily internalise and repeat. Which is what I’ve been doing with the replay button too.

But word of advice to Christians, songs aside if your preaching to an Atheist don’t use phrases like “he’s real to me” or “just beleive”, the world and the mind of man has changed, if someone doubts that God is real you can’t change their heart without figuring out for yourself first WHY YOU believe… so why do you believe? I just dey ask. By the way I’ve got a couple of free beats on offer, email to ask if you’re interested, but I can only give a few people and only for Gospel purposes.

Best way to start the week! Oya!

Frank Edwards need no introduction! Remember “You too dey blesss me oooooo”!!!! What I love about this guy is he has no fear musically. The things he tries with his 9ja interpretion of alternative rock, his afro-beat endeavours, his pop-praise… the dude is a personal inspiration and I wish I knew him personally, honestly. I loved the first Album even though most people just listen to the hit from it, but I like the fact that it was pure Gospel and still managed to break the barrier that doesn’t allow Gospel to be played on any day but Sunday.
First time I heard you to dey bless me I was in Ikeja and some guy was throwing a party a block away and his music was booming all the way to my side vexing me until he played that one song and I thought “Guy, your music isn’t loud enough now, elevate dis thing nw!!!” 😀

This is Oya from Frank Edwards if you haven’t heard it already. It’s some sorta calypso-ish/pop fusion that you would dance to no matter what was sung on it.

Oyaaa oh e gbe Jesu ga like u already know means “Lets lift Jesus high”. He sings about that positive all round effect of having God in your life especially blessings and how God never lies and ends in the catchy chorus. I think it’s got the right balance between sounding contemporary and churc-hy at the same time. I replayed it so many times already but I can’t spend the whole day on youtube so… but I have to buy the song, and you should too. It’s an iPod ‘must’!
The vid is great too, it has the band on the rooftops singing to God… how cool is that?!!?

What does Gospel mean? and are people addicted to bad news?…


So what does the word GOSPEL mean? Well simply it meansgood news”. And lets face we really need some in 9ja. Every day it’s bokohaRAM on the news, boyfriends murdering their ‘babes’ on Linda’s Blog, EFCC prosecutions that don’t end in any jail time and if you think Wizkid or D’banj saying a girl should shake her posterior is good news I have to say in my opinion it doesn’t count.

I think apart from the teenagers with no responsibilities, the rest of Nigeria is full of people who wake up worried about one thing or the other, we need Good news. We need motivation to GET UP and get out to get it done! For me sometimes it’s a song I play in my head over and over again, never the same song for too long but always one with a theme I can internalise and use to ignite some faith.
I’m out looking for good news today, and in my head I’ll be playing good music till I find some. I’m playing and replaying Lara George‘s song Chibuzo. There are rumours that the replay button is seeking a restraining order against my finger, but I spoke to it on the phone and it swears we’re cool 😀


So it’s a year old but as we know even stuff musicians sang 40yrs ago still remain relevant somehow in 9ja 😦 . Lara sings of Chibuzo, the proverbial 9ja hustler… small faceless guy in a big city trying to jump the bus in the heat, selling CD’s in traffic, tired of 9ja and she tries to encourage all Chibuzo’s telling em to focus on God and receive his motivating power to get his feet back.

I love everything about the track, Lara George gets pitchy in her singing sometimes but this one’s perfect in my books. Have a great week, GET UP! Get out! Get it! 🙂

Can you generally tell a Church song by it’s beat? without listening to the words

W’sup beautiful people, I’ll let you know in advance that I won’t be putting up new snoop dog video’s and I haven’t managed to convince Wizkid to become a full-time Gospel musician… YET, lol, but dont worry I’ve seen ordinary water manage to wear a hole in Zinc iron simply by dripping one drop at a time over and over again 😀
So what’s the difference between a really mature Christian, and um… lets say… a “person in the world”. I go share ‘Cabin biscuit’ for the person with d right answer 😛
For the mature Christian what is important is what a musician says, but if you want to reach anyone “in the world” your stuff only MUST sound good, also it can’t sound too much like church music.

I reiterate it… God wants you to reach people, you can’t reach them through music with a song they will never play, I’m saying this for any Gospel/Inspirational musician that may be reading this. It harms nobody if you make music that’ll only be played in church, but it also doesn’t really help the people that need it.


How do you balance without compromise? Simple, don’t mess with the spirit of your lyrics, keep it focused on God, but what you can mess with is the beat. Pop culture has invaded Lagos and Abuja, the fusion of ‘house’ and ‘pop’ genre’s by successful international secular Dj’s like David Guetta has lead to the mass acceptance of a sound that has created hits for Rihana, Usher, Niki.M and tons of other artists. I can’t find any quality Nigerian Gospel on a catchy house/pop fusion instrumental !!! Would a modification of the sound of Gospel equate to compromising? I don’t think so, at least not more than translating the Bible to English or Yoruba did.


All that being said it’s Sunday so a few vids I put up might have the distinctly “Church-ish” sound that I say might not help people with more mainstream tastes in music, if u vex I go spray u holy water! Imo, God loves all Gospel offered to him in spirit and in truth, Buuuut I still say don’t forget to make Gospel for those that want to listen to Wizkid, Tiwa Savage or Naeto C.


First up! Take off you’r high heels and dance in Worship and Thanks with Maiojoe featuring 2Phat singing “Titi Aye Mi”. My beautiful wife told me the chorus roughly translated means “all of my life I will give The Father exultation, with all my wealth, and plenty hallelujah” She explained it better than that, any mistake is probably from my understanding 🙂 The track was produced by ID Cabasa (if I’m not mistaken)who also produced Gongo Aso for 9ice. My humble opinion under the vid.

I LIKE!!! Love the contemporary (and not obviously Church-ish) sound, love the singing but then again auto-tune is still a bit of a cheat. It’s catchy enough for anyone to repeat over and over and internalise it’s theme to use and praise God, it’s generally a great covenant to sing to God.

However some of the lyrics in the verses are personal to the artist so there you might want to sing something else personal between you and God, but I always do that with other peoples songs anyway… mostly because I don’t like cramming lyrics 😉 . I can’t go in-depth into analysing the lyrics for 2reasons; one-I have a poor understanding of Yoruba and 2-I too dey feel the song as I dey replay so my mind is resting while my spirit dances.

I also like the vid for its clean but inexpensive look and I like the story. It’s more of Maiojoes personal thank you to God than a general purpose exultation, but you can make it one if you like the chorus as much as I do.

If you wish there was a modern version of Chimle

Dayo Bello‘s rendition of Chimle -Friut from my lips is an upbeat remake of an Igbo classic we’ve all heard and probably love. A small argument started on youtube as to whether he “American-ised” the song too much. I don’t think he did, and I don’t think his level of “american-isation” makes it any less appealing to God or church people and lets face it this sound is defo for the church ear not the guy who was clubbing last night. It’s not a sound I’d go for but somehow he makes it infectious and I get drawn in too and I can use this to worship. I like.