My 1st Post, Yeeeeeeaaaah!!!!! Bimbo Odukoya’s Kids X.T likes

There’s plenty of stuff I’d absolutely love to blog about in my VERY FIRST POST… I’d do a celebratory backflip about it but I weigh 93kg and my floors are wooden so I’ll just put a smiley face… Oya TAKE IT…  😀 !!!!

Yeah so as I was saying; questions run through my mind in the middle of the night or on the bus to the city centre, questions like “Is Gospel music trying to hard to mimic secular… has it become just a cleaner version of the secular hit makers?”, questions like “Why isn’t Gospel music listened to by anyone outside church, even when they need a lift?”, or “Is there anything wrong with a Christian musician singing romantic songs?” and “Are churches in Nigeria making any serious strategic effort to spread the message via mass media on any day other than Sunday morning drive time”.
I figure since I might be blogging for a looong time even if I get no followers, maybe I can save the heavy monologues for later. For now I’ll just share some good music and say what I think about em.
Tomorrow I’m blogging on what in my opinion makes a true no compromise Gospel song fit for God and for radio.

The first song I’ll put up isn’t new and I’m sure most of you are among the 35,000 viewers it’s gotten on youtube in just 3 or 4months but Imma put it up anyways because I LOVE IT!!! If e vex u, I go spray you “holy water” lol.

Tolu Odukoya and ONYEKA ONWENU with Gifted and Proud. Enjoy!!! Next I’ll upload her Brothers video so you can see what Bimbo Odukoya’s kids have been up too. I bet she’d be very proud… U still dey read? Play di Vid nw!

10/10 !!! Was the message true and uplifting? YES! Was it contemporary enough for radio? YES! Fit for both Church and Pub? Yes. Can the fine girl Sing? Yes!!! Thank God she’s doing it to positively affect the minds of anyone who will listen instead of singing about… anyway make I no dey rant.

A few things though, while I love the beat also I think the producers messed up with the mixing, I thought her voice and that of mama *my friend stand and salute when I say her name* ONYEKA ONWENU could have been mixed better, Terry G may get away with rubbish mixing but we can do better ok… Um you can sit down, you only need to salute when I say ONYEK…. u get it now right?

Also I absolutely Love watching everyone else in the video dancing and singing… makes me happy watching this vid on them cold Scottish days. Funny thing is when my wife asked me to listen to it I was dragging my feet for 3days before I played it.

Check out her brothers video bellow, he’s called “pastor J”

9/10!!! LOVE the message, Love the beat, Love the Video. It’s inspiring and uplifting and YES Contemporary enough for radio while staying fit for God (in my opinion).

I might seem lenient for a critic because I’ve barely said anything bad right? Well my aim isn’t to lambast, and I can see nothing but good and truth here.
The next video, however is from the same man “pastor J” and I really don’t like the overly materialistic “gospel” it preaches, but I’ll leave negative reviews for future posts not on my first day. Check it out bellow…

“Holy Beat!!!!!” and the part his sister sings is more on point… but there’s not much else I like here. 4/10! But on the whole the Odukoya Family is superb, talented, and I gotta say they inspire me a bit. If My Kids are happy to give God their talent like this then I’ll know I tried.

Unless I get itchy fingers at 3:00am… It’s good night and God bless!!! Control your emotions, don’t let em control you 😉


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