“Adara” by Tim Godfrey… X.T likes :)

And now I give you “Tim Godfrey” and the “Extreme crew” a group of soulful and talented sisters that back up this gentleman! Produced by “MasterKraft” who has been sought by artists as prominent as Tuface Idibia, This song “Adara” is sooo catchy from the the start when a little auto-tuned voice bounces around your sound space saying “A..a..aa…aa…Adara”… It actually does make me feel like everything’s going to be alright.
The message is simply that, well “remember God in all you go through, Joy comes in the morning and it’ll be cool. No be God get you back??? Chiiilllll!”.

I love the clean minimalist video, dem no wan waste money but that’s cool. It’s not expensive, but not cheap looking and its a good glossy one. Everyone’s looking fresh, not that it matters, cuz na wettin dey man heart be di koko right? But the “korrect packaging” is a bonus sha.

The first thing that I think will work against it is that it OOOooobviously sounds like a church song. That is NOT A PROBLEM, we do it for God right, but consider this… “If your favourite Secular artist released a song with that distinct Church feel, even if the song was selling ‘bling’ and sex, it might not gain mass appeal” and we need to “design” our Gospel sound taking into account those that are not interested in God, a sick man needs the medicine more than a man who is well, so why does Gospel music sound like it’s strictly for those who have “found God”. I think the lyrics should be undeniably gospel, but the instrumentals and back-up don’t have to be so IIIIFFFF you want to reach people that don’t give ‘2shakes of an offering coin’ about Gospel sound.

The Gospel sound has become a genre in itself for a while, there is an actual “religious sound” that wouldn’t have made Ice-Prince’s “Oleku” get played and replayed to the point that we all know the lyrics, and that’s what I would like to see Gospel Music do… I want every one to be able to easily internalise the lyrics while it gets played and replayed, and I want it to do this without being compromised, or watering down the Gospel it preaches… did I hear someone say impossible? “Get thee behind me” jor!!! lol.

Obviously we’ll never get to a point where 80% of the songs on air are gospel (Unless you give me the money to start a Gospel radio station… hint hint) and we should be careful that when trying to get the message to everyone, we don’t sacrifice true worship, but we sha can’t forget the guy on the street, its a complex balancing act and a dilemma full of ironies.

Make we no yarn too much, I love the song! 8/10 and worth more than the 1,500 views it has on you-tube! X.T love Tim Godfrey’s work and the holy swag of the Extreme crew. Massive hailings to the producer MasterKraft! Enjoy!!! Oya, press play nw 🙂


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