TGIF Babyyyyy!!! Did you have a really tough week? You still dey stand “Gidigba”? You know Sabina?

Niger-Delta Christians STAND UP!!!! 😀 Family, I hail Oh!

TGIF and today we’re Introducing Sabina! Never heard of her before but now that I found this one I can’t wait to see what next she does. She futures a guy whose work I’m beginning to admire, Tim Godfrey (Check out my “Artist Hype” tab later on this evening, I’m doing a write-up about him)

She starts off reminding us that you actually HAVE TO face a struggle or two before you can become a strong man and stand “Gidigba!!!” and then lets us know that God is what holds her through the rough times.
I love the sound, while its message is IMO (in my opinion) fit for Baba, the beat is contemporary still, being the sort of thing that you could hear the likes of Timaya, or maybe Flavour Nabaniya singing on, so I think it could have mass appeal if marketed right.

Its not ‘over or under-produced’ and I can hear every word. The sound feel isn’t exactly cutting edge but if you live in a place as stressful as Lagos its a good message to drive to at the end of the week and feel like “Thank you God, your pikin still dey stand!!!”.


At 2:46Mins however I don’t like how she says Jehovah is her “Odeishi”, because IMO “Odeishi” is a far Inferior counterfeit of Jehovah’s protection, but maybe I’m being too fussy on the details. Or maybe I’m misunderstanding Odeishi. I however love it when she sings in her native tongue, so in my native Tiv language I’ll say “kwalagh doom shima”… meaning “e dey sweet my mind”, and I believe I am made in Gods image so… (and if you say that sounds arrogant I go spray you with Holy water, lol). I also like some of the more humorous elements of the video.


You can’t put a score on praise as it is a gift for God, I can only score the sound of a track in my own opinion and I give this piece a 7/10 because on a Friday like today it’s the kind of stuff I’d play on my iPod IF I KNEW WHERE TO BUY IT!!! Sabina I dey search for your track make I support ministry but I no find where I go buy Oh 😦
will blog some more later, gotta run, e get some things wey I need to… U get. Oya press play nw!!!!

Now I have a question, why have all of you been watching Timaya on you-tube and this stylish young Christian lady with such a great song has only 1,785 views on you-tube? WHY? I’m actually asking YOU! Look at me when I talk to you jor! I know say you no dey go her Church but e no mean say una no dey worship d same God na! Christians need to search for and share Christian music more, truuuust me the society will be better for it in the long run.


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