Blood of J…!!! Is This a Gospel Video?… nice beat, but…


Question, what’s the point of saving souls if you gamble with them in a way that may just give them back to where they used to be?

Now occasionally in my search for wholesome tunes for my ipod, I dey see some kind things that make me shout Blood of J!!!!
We all know Kefee, almost 64thousand vies on youtube (63,645) means YOU’ve probably watched this video too when you were trying to find 9ja Gospel music, so I was jejely rocking the tune thinking ok soft on content but if the church mind wants to relax it can manage this but in the video around 3:45Mins when I saw the girls dancing I suddenly felt odd watching the video in front of my wife and daughters.

All the ladies are pretty and yes Kefee can sing, but her dancing, the dancing of the other lady, and some of the outfits???? I no dey go deeper life but even for my cosmopolitan and very liberal mind it just seemed a bit too much.
As one youtube user commented “if you mute the volume, does it look like a Gospel video?”

Christian content in the media is battling some serious competition with secular for airplay, content but this level of compromise which gets you played more than others is dangerous, young Christian girls could get confused by this, Image is as important as content. I mean at 2:27 I thought NO mehn, my little girl isn’t watching this and I had to holla at Wifey to come see.


It’s like T.I.V song Komole I posted above in terms of its aim, but I have to say Gospo-FAil mehn! Gospo-fail! In my humble opinion.
After I used salt water as eye-drop, I decided to look for the positives, one-Kefee can sing! Two-it shows not only dry people like me are interested in God, she sings well in her native tongue, and in the verses (not the chorus at all) what she sings is actually good thematically… well better than Vector the Viper. Ok I’m off this track it’s making me talk too negative.

Gospel should be contemporary, if it wants to get people “in the world” (I don’t really like that term, sorry for using it) then it cant be full of people in choir robes looking dull, but either this is a bit over the top or I’m the one watching it with a dirty mind… no don’t answer that part!, it cant be me… right?


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