Can you generally tell a Church song by it’s beat? without listening to the words

W’sup beautiful people, I’ll let you know in advance that I won’t be putting up new snoop dog video’s and I haven’t managed to convince Wizkid to become a full-time Gospel musician… YET, lol, but dont worry I’ve seen ordinary water manage to wear a hole in Zinc iron simply by dripping one drop at a time over and over again 😀
So what’s the difference between a really mature Christian, and um… lets say… a “person in the world”. I go share ‘Cabin biscuit’ for the person with d right answer 😛
For the mature Christian what is important is what a musician says, but if you want to reach anyone “in the world” your stuff only MUST sound good, also it can’t sound too much like church music.

I reiterate it… God wants you to reach people, you can’t reach them through music with a song they will never play, I’m saying this for any Gospel/Inspirational musician that may be reading this. It harms nobody if you make music that’ll only be played in church, but it also doesn’t really help the people that need it.


How do you balance without compromise? Simple, don’t mess with the spirit of your lyrics, keep it focused on God, but what you can mess with is the beat. Pop culture has invaded Lagos and Abuja, the fusion of ‘house’ and ‘pop’ genre’s by successful international secular Dj’s like David Guetta has lead to the mass acceptance of a sound that has created hits for Rihana, Usher, Niki.M and tons of other artists. I can’t find any quality Nigerian Gospel on a catchy house/pop fusion instrumental !!! Would a modification of the sound of Gospel equate to compromising? I don’t think so, at least not more than translating the Bible to English or Yoruba did.


All that being said it’s Sunday so a few vids I put up might have the distinctly “Church-ish” sound that I say might not help people with more mainstream tastes in music, if u vex I go spray u holy water! Imo, God loves all Gospel offered to him in spirit and in truth, Buuuut I still say don’t forget to make Gospel for those that want to listen to Wizkid, Tiwa Savage or Naeto C.


First up! Take off you’r high heels and dance in Worship and Thanks with Maiojoe featuring 2Phat singing “Titi Aye Mi”. My beautiful wife told me the chorus roughly translated means “all of my life I will give The Father exultation, with all my wealth, and plenty hallelujah” She explained it better than that, any mistake is probably from my understanding 🙂 The track was produced by ID Cabasa (if I’m not mistaken)who also produced Gongo Aso for 9ice. My humble opinion under the vid.

I LIKE!!! Love the contemporary (and not obviously Church-ish) sound, love the singing but then again auto-tune is still a bit of a cheat. It’s catchy enough for anyone to repeat over and over and internalise it’s theme to use and praise God, it’s generally a great covenant to sing to God.

However some of the lyrics in the verses are personal to the artist so there you might want to sing something else personal between you and God, but I always do that with other peoples songs anyway… mostly because I don’t like cramming lyrics 😉 . I can’t go in-depth into analysing the lyrics for 2reasons; one-I have a poor understanding of Yoruba and 2-I too dey feel the song as I dey replay so my mind is resting while my spirit dances.

I also like the vid for its clean but inexpensive look and I like the story. It’s more of Maiojoes personal thank you to God than a general purpose exultation, but you can make it one if you like the chorus as much as I do.


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