Best way to start the week! Oya!

Frank Edwards need no introduction! Remember “You too dey blesss me oooooo”!!!! What I love about this guy is he has no fear musically. The things he tries with his 9ja interpretion of alternative rock, his afro-beat endeavours, his pop-praise… the dude is a personal inspiration and I wish I knew him personally, honestly. I loved the first Album even though most people just listen to the hit from it, but I like the fact that it was pure Gospel and still managed to break the barrier that doesn’t allow Gospel to be played on any day but Sunday.
First time I heard you to dey bless me I was in Ikeja and some guy was throwing a party a block away and his music was booming all the way to my side vexing me until he played that one song and I thought “Guy, your music isn’t loud enough now, elevate dis thing nw!!!” 😀

This is Oya from Frank Edwards if you haven’t heard it already. It’s some sorta calypso-ish/pop fusion that you would dance to no matter what was sung on it.

Oyaaa oh e gbe Jesu ga like u already know means “Lets lift Jesus high”. He sings about that positive all round effect of having God in your life especially blessings and how God never lies and ends in the catchy chorus. I think it’s got the right balance between sounding contemporary and churc-hy at the same time. I replayed it so many times already but I can’t spend the whole day on youtube so… but I have to buy the song, and you should too. It’s an iPod ‘must’!
The vid is great too, it has the band on the rooftops singing to God… how cool is that?!!?


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