What does Gospel mean? and are people addicted to bad news?…


So what does the word GOSPEL mean? Well simply it meansgood news”. And lets face we really need some in 9ja. Every day it’s bokohaRAM on the news, boyfriends murdering their ‘babes’ on Linda’s Blog, EFCC prosecutions that don’t end in any jail time and if you think Wizkid or D’banj saying a girl should shake her posterior is good news I have to say in my opinion it doesn’t count.

I think apart from the teenagers with no responsibilities, the rest of Nigeria is full of people who wake up worried about one thing or the other, we need Good news. We need motivation to GET UP and get out to get it done! For me sometimes it’s a song I play in my head over and over again, never the same song for too long but always one with a theme I can internalise and use to ignite some faith.
I’m out looking for good news today, and in my head I’ll be playing good music till I find some. I’m playing and replaying Lara George‘s song Chibuzo. There are rumours that the replay button is seeking a restraining order against my finger, but I spoke to it on the phone and it swears we’re cool 😀


So it’s a year old but as we know even stuff musicians sang 40yrs ago still remain relevant somehow in 9ja 😦 . Lara sings of Chibuzo, the proverbial 9ja hustler… small faceless guy in a big city trying to jump the bus in the heat, selling CD’s in traffic, tired of 9ja and she tries to encourage all Chibuzo’s telling em to focus on God and receive his motivating power to get his feet back.

I love everything about the track, Lara George gets pitchy in her singing sometimes but this one’s perfect in my books. Have a great week, GET UP! Get out! Get it! 🙂


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