If Ipods could talk what would they ask for? Moji ignores the Atheist, but her song sweet sha


Moji says He’s real, she don collect expo from Bible but as she look around she see say mehn but Baba God try sha :D.
Again the first criticism I have against it will be that it’s a bit too “designed for Church people only” but that can’t detract from the fact that it is a great song to reaffirm ones belief on a SERIOUS BEAT!!! I want it pon me ipod 🙂

I know the two tracks I’ve put up today are of a slower pace, but no worry I’ll switch it up soon just listen to the words for now.

Back to the song, yes its written for those that already believe so lets look at it from that angle then, it draws your attention to the some of the beautiful God made natural wonders of His making saying that God is in the very fabric that the world was tailored from, and it’s good to be reminded of that when we get too busy searching for God on the label of the cloth… he’s in the very fabric, every thread… somewhere in all my rambling there is a point, I promise.
Gbenga Salu makes good video’s too. The song and Video got me in less that 10secs which is good cuz I have the attention span of a 2yr old some times, and Moji repeatedly makes a point that I can easily internalise and repeat. Which is what I’ve been doing with the replay button too.

But word of advice to Christians, songs aside if your preaching to an Atheist don’t use phrases like “he’s real to me” or “just beleive”, the world and the mind of man has changed, if someone doubts that God is real you can’t change their heart without figuring out for yourself first WHY YOU believe… so why do you believe? I just dey ask. By the way I’ve got a couple of free beats on offer, email to ask if you’re interested, but I can only give a few people and only for Gospel purposes.


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