what if People listened to Music they needed, not what radio told them they liked? Ada -I beleive


Hiya, check out Ada with I believe in you. Another great worshiper that I’ve never heard of before. While some of the chords in the instrumental have been hijacked by that gospel sound I like to refer to as “Hillsong gospel sound”, she somehow manages to make it sound sorta contemporary. At times it almost becomes a gentle rock ballad… but enough yarns about the flesh of the track which I give a 7 outta 10.
On to the spirit of the track, which is a gift for God that I dare not rate, I like. The theme is simple and on point. She says I’m not here to brag about my life (personally I think Gospel rappers do that too much), you are sovereign, I’ve seen your goodness, your Glory… I am yours, you are God and I believe. I love it. Thank You Ada 😀

Back to the flesh of the track, the video possesses a calming quality for me while allowing us to get used to seeing her, a trick most new artists forget to employ. It was shot by Patrick Elis… I repeat Patrick Elis, so I love the fact that she works with professionals, I don’t like it when Christians shoot videos on a camera-phone and expect it to compete with secular music, success comes from God yes, but if you’re doing it for God get in as much quality as your money can afford.
So it’s crisp as you would expect from Patrick Elis and it’s simple as you would expect a Christian not to be wasteful with money. It’s a track you could start everyday with even if you wouldn’t jam it at the next Church party.

These artists from Loveworld records are really impressing me with the level of quality the go for. You can listen to Frank Edwards also, he’s a personal favourite of mine.


3 responses to “what if People listened to Music they needed, not what radio told them they liked? Ada -I beleive

  1. Sever…this is real cool. I would be jealous if I wasn’t me and you weren’t you…
    Proud of what you doing with this…I can only say ‘Thank goodness I started first…at least, I can claim ‘Old Skool’…Men, this stuff you linking is tight!! Best wishes bro…

  2. Sever, am just taking out time really visit this blog and wow its smooth. 10 gbossa for the originality. And another thing, its virgin ground-gospel music. Who would have though….smart ass…..

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