Is there any Gospel in Gospel Rap?


Years ago in as a Unilag undergrad I had this discussion with a friend who insisted that there was no Gospel in Gospel rap. That convo comes back to mind when I play Bouqui‘s take you away.

So I’m a fan of the bold and proven Bouqui, but I still have an opinion on this one…
It’s clean and sorta motivational, and every time I listen to it I feel very Pillipians 4:13… Buuuut when I listen to it properly I realise it’s neither Gospel nor really inspirational, which is a sad waste of the beat if you ask me. A sound as banging as this deserves to have content that might actually make a difference. What I do is I play it like a secular track that’s devoid of the usual rubbish that secular rap would have.

There’s an American Gospel rapper called Ambassador that I think comes the closest to that ‘holy grail’ of gospel rap where we actually manage to pass a Christian message and resist the expectations of the genre that says the tone must be a boast and most of what you say must be focused on the self. Seeing as Bouqui is a gospel Icon I wouldn’t be surprised if a few people disagree with me, but hey na my opinion so no allow me sprinkle you with holy water :D.

Sha enjoy the track if you can resist being overly analytical.


One response to “Is there any Gospel in Gospel Rap?

  1. Well if this helps, there was a preacher i once heard say that some research was done on this subject. Different genre of music was played to mice, and the ones that heard rap music began to act erratic (mad) as opposed to those that heard classical music. They also found that the molecules of water had a scattered arrangement (not exact words) when rock music was played and the molecule had a more perfect shape when classical music (am thinking hymns) were played near water. and this perfect shape was comparable to the spatial arrangement of holy water (water prayed over) in churches….so go figure

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