Victizzle with some feel good sturvings


I find myself wondering if every Gospel song must have the name of Jesus in it. Is it wrong for a Christian to make music that’s simply clean feel good music or is that watering down the music and compromising?
The song below is not new, but I couldn’t find anything new that I thought would compete with secular music so I looked backwards instead….
I love Victizzle’s song I sing. I don replay that track like say na my junior bro record am but I find arguments by Christians that say it’s not Gospel interesting. I’m not even sure which side I agree with yet. But I do know that songs like these offer a great opportunity for one to dance to good music and be spared the usual tripe that secular artists offer us by singing about the female posterior… we go debate am later, but for now enjoy Victizzle’s award winner I sing.

Victizzle is a talented young London based producer/Artist and has a Mobo award to show for it in addition to Gods blessings.
The beat has a nice Afro-Caribbean bounce to it, and the video is simple and inexpensive but quality all the same. And the message is simply that we are all kings and queens who can be happy and dance/sing. The only thing I didn’t care for was the hip swinging by the ladies, not because I’m a hypocritical prude who thinks its a sin to shake hips, not at all, only because it could be misinterpreted as being suggestive. The simple truth is that the girls obviously don’t mean it that way off-course. Enjoy 🙂 Oh, and you can find the album on Itunes.. BUY! Lol


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