…and I heard my 9ja bro say “Thank God your smile doesent need petrol”. All Sharon needs is Gods love

Yeaaah, new year, new week, new music… sorta.

Thank God that God doesn’t keep us in his heart like a politician does… 😦 but I’ll save the politics for facebook, it’s on to the gbedu.
I can’t stop playing Na Your Love by Sharon. Which is odd because it not one of those ‘up tempo’ ones that X.T likes a lot, but na so we see am sha.

From the crisp clapping that starts to accompany that cute melody, to the base line that gives it all a plush settee to chill on while the singer acknowledges the sweetness of Gods love as well as the difference it’s made in her life.

It’s directed and edited by Martins Harrison who I’m going to be looking out for because I like the simple transitions, bright visual mood, and mostly for the fact that I think it does a good job putting the artists face out there which is essential for less celebrated artists.

She can sing too! I would have mixed her voice different for the verses though (not the chorus, I think that’s perfect), I think it might have lost some of its natural strength and richness in editing. The Chorus is as catchy as it is true…. Very!

The whole song is easy to internalise and easy to mean personally when you sing along. It’s an XT favourite. Sharon, where I fit buy your CD nw?



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