Get Down… as In down on your knees when life gets too heavy

Lately I’ve had a ton of stuff sitting on my mind, mostly stuff relating to the political turmoil in Nigeria where I’m obviously from… Pictures surfaced today of a young unarmed man who was allegedly shot in cold blood by Police officers supposedly for refusing to disperse from a crowd in a timely manner. I’ve kept his name out of my post so I don’t direct anybody to the disturbing images, if you haven’t seen them already. When I get upset by matters like this I feel the need to detox my mind… wash my soul in something more positive after all the vexing, posting on facebook, talking politics on the phone etc. Today this is the song I’ve been detoxing to and I thought I’d share. It’s Get down by Dawkins and Dawkins.

Also I thought I’d use this to announce I’ll no longer be posting just Nigerian Gospel. I’m widening the pool of stuff I can post from because to be honest It’s haaaaard to find good 9ja stuff and I don’t want to post anything with poor quality. Well folks, I’m off to detox… there’s going to be more political unrest in 9ja tomorrow probably… sleep tight and God bless



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