Detrick Haddon’s song makes it easier to imagine that Moment when God’ll say… “Well Done” :)

Dont worry I’ll soon dig up more quality 9ja Gospel, just been a bit too busy to web-crawl to find them and the Onyibo Gospel is sooo easy to find, but na di same God all dey worship nw, abi I lie? 🙂

The song makes me want to make better use of today… to also be more disciplined… It makes me want to impress God, and yes I know that’s impossible considering Gods awesomeness and how long He’s spent being Awesome, but It makes me want to try harder.
Sadly this gem will be confined to sunday radio because it’s Gospel, I wish more people got to hear this and be reminded of the fact that life on Earth is not the end of it all. Me and Wifey had a discussion about that yesterday (Shout out to the Mrs :* ) how we’d all be nicer to our neighbours, there’s be less crime, murder and misery If we realised there was more to life.
So… I know most of my weaknesses like you know yours too, lets pray for Gods grace to live this life like His word asks us to, and hopefully in faith we will one day get to hear him say “Well Done, Come on In”. After a world as complicated as this it would be the ultimate triumphant cherry on top 🙂


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