I Gotta watch the movie this came from!!! Nice 1… I ramble on below :)

Lets face the fact, we may all want to claim that what we watch has absolutely NO influence on how we think or what we do, but deep down we know it’s hogwash, playing “grand theft auto” or watching a violent movie may not make me go out and shoot someone, but I’ll admit when I’m done that my instinct to forgive or walk away from a fight will be a little duller than before… just being honest like we all should be. So why don’t we watch more Christian films? We can come up with a few genuine reasons as well as a million excuses that wouldn’t hold water if we told them to a 10year old.
My Mom came over for Christmas and brought a few of em’ and after the though provoking discussions I and my elder brother had about the film, its message, it’s flaws, its strong points etc I realised I actually do need more of them “Christian films”. I know they’re not the most exiting explosive graphic extravaganzas that we see Michael Bay create with Transformers or who ever made District 9, but once you break your duck with one or two of them you realise that they are actually better movies.
I believe EVERYBODY IS PREACHING SOMETHING TO YOU whether they admit it or not. The rapper has his message, the sultry R&B diva etc but they won’t call it a message so it’s a weak reason to say you don’t want to watch a movie/listen to a song because you’re not in the mood to be preached to.
Be honest when you and I avoid a type of song or movie it’s because we want to avoid what it’s preaching, or we disagree with its message… wait what’s the point or my ramble again?… To be honest I’m not sure but if I edit this to be more coherent I might get rid of a few points I’d prefer to leave out there so Instead I’ll just move on and say check out this video below. It’s clip from a movie called “Blessed and Cursed” which is a movie with a Christian message I assume. I’m off to find out where I can buy it and check out.

So that’s “Mighty God” from the movie blessed and cursed. Dwight Hawkins, played by Gospel Singer Deitrick Haddon, struggles to realize his God-given purpose. Dwight must choose between a family obligation and pursuing his own dreams of Gospel super stardom. This is a great song with great lyrics. You Can pick up Deitrick’s new CD at amazon or itunes. Also don’t forget get to check out Deitrick’s album Revealed. Here is Deitrick’s site: http://www.churchonthemoon.com/ and check out the movie website http://www.blessedandcursedthemovie.com Enjoy!

Speaking of Moms, I can hear her voice in my head reminding me to check my spelling like my wife does today, I typed this in a hurry so If you find spelling errors please don’t tell my Mom or my wife… Lol 😀


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