So so Wonder


Charmain says God is awesome in 9ja pidgin-english with this “So so Wonder”. I seriously love the soprano saxophone intro and the African print as they dance on the roof with the skyline panning in the distance. It’s worded simply and direct which makes it easy to internalise, remembering the words wont be hard and meaning it on a personal note wont be a stretch if you make an honest assessment of Gods providence in your life. I love that she lets the sax have a solo also, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but Xt likey 🙂

In terms of image Charmain makes no attempt to pander to the cultural invasion of pop culture that seems to be taking over 9ja at the moment and I think this is a wise choice as it helps her retain some artistic integrity and dignity, I wouldn’t have believed her particularly in skinny jeans and fluorescent green T’s, she lets the young dancers that join her on the roof towards the end of the song do the pop-culture marketing. Wise one. I felt insulted when I saw ‘Kenny Ogungbe’ trying to act 17yrs old in “Calabar girl” , but that’s neither here nor there.
I like it, its mature and effective, and if I was a radio DJ I’d play it any day, not just Sunday.


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