Some humble music to drive to on a Wednesday morning


W’Sup People, the name is Chris Shalom and this is “You Are The Reason”. It’s good driving music sat upon a light piano melody with an admittedly dated use of the hi-hats garnishing, but it works enough because what it may be lacking in sound it more than makes up for in a powerful theme of Thankfulness in humility.
If not for your grace where we for dey, how you could love people like us is amazing… classic themes that will remain true for as long as man is not able to attain righteousness by his own effort. I’m personally trying to learn to internalise this theme so much that in future it makes it easier to come as I am and accept Gods love, Ol’boy renewing ones mind is not an easy thing sha but… sha sha press play.

As a track there’s a few parts I’d make him re-sing, and I would edit his voice a bit different, I’m not feeling the instrumentals to be honest but that is a matter of personal preference, not that they’re bad or anything. As a written piece and Gospel song I can’t find any fault with it however, which is just as well because it’s not my place to do that. Enjoy 🙂


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