Nice1 Kenny… next time No Lip-Gloss ok?! :)

As soon as I got over the fact that there are guys in this video wearing “LIP GLOSS”(??!!!)… I realised it’s actually a good offering of appreciation for God (in my opinion I must add)… I just wish the director didn’t give this guy bad advice.
Kenny Sam manages in Omemma to do what so many Christians fail to do in their songs these days; he just simply says God you’re overwhelmingly good, I praise you, I remember your works etc and Kenny resists the urge for lazy Gospel music writing to just go into how God gave him cars or money.

I do not like the video which might be too inspired by Kirk Franklins “I smile” where there was a lot of this Lip Glossy stuff, and don’t tell me “its Chap sticks cuz a brothas lips got dry”… it’s just… Odd. Or maybe I’m old school and it’s now acceptable. Sha sha, I like the song, I like any Gospel that I can internalise, sing in the first person perspective, and it would still apply to my life, and if it’s instrumentals aren’t too dated and you can play it on radio any day, not just Sunday then you can bet I want it on the iPod.

Other than a video that’s thematically disconnected to the theme, It’s an 8 over 10 in my books.


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