X.t showing them piano keys some loveHi, I am X.T, a song writer, an aspiring Gospel Music promoter, an amateur producer and a music critic.

I like discovering and discussing what’s new or interesting in Nigerian Gospel Music, or any Gospel music Nigerians are interested in. Follow my blog if your on a similar wave 🙂

I decided to set up this blog as a resource for people like me who are looking for exciting new Gospel music, so as I share the results of my search with you I’m totally exited to hear what you’ve found too.
I also thought it could be a great forum for people looking for good edifying music to come and discover and discus. If you’ve found anything you want me to post or if you’re trying to promote your own music, or that of a friend, you can send me a link at ayedesever@live.co.uk.

Maybe your into worship, maybe praise, maybe inspirational, maybe Gospel rap/hip-hop, or maybe just good clean music that’s not directly about God; lets face it in terms of edifying music there isn’t that much on Radio or TV, you’re better off searching last Fm and Youtube, but even at that there is still too much poor quality music out there that Christians “have to get used to”.

Today’s radio plays and replays the same songs, all with the same themes, and even though its easy to dance to the “madt” beats, lets face it, it’s like trying to live on fast food. Meat-pies can’t be compared to Mama’s “pounded-yam and “pocho” stew.
Sooo…. long story short “whether na for bukka or mama kitchen, I wan lem tight” so if your tired of fast food, welcome to my online hub of critique.

By the way, since I’m posting my subjective opinion, I’d like to apologize in advance for anything you might find offensive, for instance if i criticize your favorite group/artist or something like that. Just remember a true fan wants their favorite artists to improve and improvement comes from constructive criticism.


One response to “About

  1. I really like what you’ve done with your blog. Sad that you have taken some long break from the site. January? Haba! Many times when I sneaked here, the posts were something to look for. Found many songs here for the first time and the others that I had seen before (reminds me of the post on Blessed and Cursed) were shown in new light.
    Well done on all the work Xtalk…XT. May the times bring you far more. Well done.

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