Artist Hype

So, here I’ll be doing little write-ups on interesting up and coming Gospel Artists… mail me if you find any I can look into


In the vast lands between ubiquitous popularity and anonymous obscurity is where most musicians stay till their dreams fade… TIM GODFREY is not one of those musicians.

Some would describe him more as a “music director” since he puts a track together like on a Kirk Franklin effort sometimes, but I think I’ll stick with the tag “Gospel Singer” since he sings more than Kirk does.
TG may not be as popular as Panam Percy Paul for instance, but he’s performed at over 500 hundred shows along names like Sammie Okposo, Sunny Neji, Style Plus and Tuface, so X.T has to stand and salute, cuz not only are he and his crew extremely hard workers but they also put out some quality.

Earlier today I put up two tracks that TG is on, one where he is featured by Sabina (Gidigba) and another with his Extreme Crew (Adara). X.T thinks you should check em out.

As soon as I can find out more about him and where you can BUY, no too dey pursue free download oh, support ministry lol, because una dey support 9ice, Ice-Prince and ElDee ministry wella, I dey see una dey buy CD inside Lagos hold up… but yeah, as soon as I know more about how u can buy I’ll come back and let u guys know, at the moment I’m still earning how to gather info for this blogging thing, if you can’t tell already “I no be Linda Ikeji”, I’m still new to this 🙂
By the way, the third picture above, see the girl in the middle… for a second i thought Stella Damascus was now a Gospel singer, how uncanny is the resemblance?!

Soooo… check out the two Tim Godfrey related tracks I put up earlier today… PEACE!!!

Remember, Christianity is not a religion, it’s a relationship, and it should have an effect on all the relationships in your life. Cheers.


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