The Nigerian Sense of humour. RE: Fuel Subsidy removal

The Bible says let not your joy be stolen. Even as 9ja vexes at the injustice of having her voice ignored by her leaders, I’m impressed by the resilience of our collective sense of humour. Is the ability to suffer and smile what gave us the unofficial title of “happiest people in the world”?

picture pun on W4's wa gba kontrol        I turn water to petrol? lol


…and I heard my 9ja bro say “Thank God your smile doesent need petrol”. All Sharon needs is Gods love

Yeaaah, new year, new week, new music… sorta.

Thank God that God doesn’t keep us in his heart like a politician does… 😦 but I’ll save the politics for facebook, it’s on to the gbedu.
I can’t stop playing Na Your Love by Sharon. Which is odd because it not one of those ‘up tempo’ ones that X.T likes a lot, but na so we see am sha.

From the crisp clapping that starts to accompany that cute melody, to the base line that gives it all a plush settee to chill on while the singer acknowledges the sweetness of Gods love as well as the difference it’s made in her life.

It’s directed and edited by Martins Harrison who I’m going to be looking out for because I like the simple transitions, bright visual mood, and mostly for the fact that I think it does a good job putting the artists face out there which is essential for less celebrated artists.

She can sing too! I would have mixed her voice different for the verses though (not the chorus, I think that’s perfect), I think it might have lost some of its natural strength and richness in editing. The Chorus is as catchy as it is true…. Very!

The whole song is easy to internalise and easy to mean personally when you sing along. It’s an XT favourite. Sharon, where I fit buy your CD nw?


Christ + Me= Superman!!!

At first I though “oh no… here we go again with another one of those narcissistic Christians who’ll sing for 4minites about himself”, you can forgive me that assumption because he does start by saying what a Superman he is.

Happily Chris Shalom wastes no time in giving God His due glory making it an astonishingly catchy Afro-pop number with a hook that makes me feel like a WINNER every time I sing it.

I think the track needs a beat that’s a sure banger, this one feels a little too dated to steal listeners from SarzBeats or SamKlef, but that’s the only thing I’d change… well at least the only one I’ll mention, you know I’m always searching for ways aaaaanything can be improved.

Victizzle with some feel good sturvings


I find myself wondering if every Gospel song must have the name of Jesus in it. Is it wrong for a Christian to make music that’s simply clean feel good music or is that watering down the music and compromising?
The song below is not new, but I couldn’t find anything new that I thought would compete with secular music so I looked backwards instead….
I love Victizzle’s song I sing. I don replay that track like say na my junior bro record am but I find arguments by Christians that say it’s not Gospel interesting. I’m not even sure which side I agree with yet. But I do know that songs like these offer a great opportunity for one to dance to good music and be spared the usual tripe that secular artists offer us by singing about the female posterior… we go debate am later, but for now enjoy Victizzle’s award winner I sing.

Victizzle is a talented young London based producer/Artist and has a Mobo award to show for it in addition to Gods blessings.
The beat has a nice Afro-Caribbean bounce to it, and the video is simple and inexpensive but quality all the same. And the message is simply that we are all kings and queens who can be happy and dance/sing. The only thing I didn’t care for was the hip swinging by the ladies, not because I’m a hypocritical prude who thinks its a sin to shake hips, not at all, only because it could be misinterpreted as being suggestive. The simple truth is that the girls obviously don’t mean it that way off-course. Enjoy 🙂 Oh, and you can find the album on Itunes.. BUY! Lol

Anyone know some good Gospel I could blog about? preferably r&b/hip-hop/afro pop/9ja tinko-tinko, lol

Years ago, one day in Unilag I burst into the room I shared with 3other guys, my heart was beating like nutts, It was going to be a new beginning after tonight. I WAS GOING TO THROW AWAY ALL MY NON-GOSPEL CD’s!!!
I had amassed this wealth of music that some DJ’s would envy, I had all the latest releases and some of the ones so old you couldn’t find em any more, I had Classic rap, up to the minute hip-hop, the best of r&b and alternative rock, oldies… CD’s for days my friend. I now stood on the third floor of the Mariere hall of residence for students, in the cool evening winds that we got fresh on Wing D, and after a deep breath I began to toss hundreds and hundreds of CD’s off the balcony… it felt so good I ignored the fact that it was littering and I would be made to clean up if authorities knew who owned the mess they met the next morning.
Why was I tossing out my premium tunage? Well cuz I decided I wanted good music and I was tired of giving artists money so they could lie to me about how much money they had, or how much sex they were getting! A few people asked me at the time told me it was unnecessary and I would be back buying those same CD’s later and I said nope!

They were right though. Sadly less than a year later my iTunes media library was mostly secular music again. Why? The first obvious reason is that I’m not the most disciplined person (I’m improving sha). The second was that I fast ran out of fresh Gospel music whose sound appealed to a young university boi like me.
Don Moen is great but if a Afro-pop fan wants to convert it’s a hard diet to restrict oneself to.

So if there’s any Gospel musicians reading this I would like to let y’all know that a lot of people wish there was a Gospel Wizkid, or a gospel Ice-Prince or Tillaman or Don Jazzy. There’s definitely a lot of good gospel out there but WE OWE IT TO GOD and God’s people to MAKE TRACKS WITH A SOUND SO SOLID THAT IT CAN COMPETE WITH THE LATEST TRACKS ON or And after making tracks with a sound that can have mass appeal we owe it to God to MARKET IT PROPERLY.

I run around other music blogs to see what’s up in the world of non-gospel and I gotta admit that some of the stuff sounds so banging that it goes straight on my mp3 player almost immediately. A few things make that possible;

  1. These songs sound good
  2. They promote these songs on hot blogs and social networks
  3. The album art is good enough to make me click
  4. The artist is promoted like a brand, with it’s own message and identity

HoWeveR, since I often disagree with the subject matter of the artists, in a matter of days I’ve forgotten some of these tracks and in a few weeks they might even be deleted after I’ve just used them to study what’s up in audio production and lyric writing these days.

So that I can help people that want to throw away their secular music and listen to the good stuff I could use tips from you guys as to any new Gospel I can put up, cuz if you take a look at today’s updates the songs aren’t from 2012 or 2011 even, I have to go backwards sometimes cuz the up to the moment Gospel hasn’t been made available online yet.

Mehn… it’s almost 2AM and the kind sleep wey dey my eye no get disk2… we go re-table this matta tommorow. For now just hit the play button abeg, I don wakka 😀

Is there any Gospel in Gospel Rap?


Years ago in as a Unilag undergrad I had this discussion with a friend who insisted that there was no Gospel in Gospel rap. That convo comes back to mind when I play Bouqui‘s take you away.

So I’m a fan of the bold and proven Bouqui, but I still have an opinion on this one…
It’s clean and sorta motivational, and every time I listen to it I feel very Pillipians 4:13… Buuuut when I listen to it properly I realise it’s neither Gospel nor really inspirational, which is a sad waste of the beat if you ask me. A sound as banging as this deserves to have content that might actually make a difference. What I do is I play it like a secular track that’s devoid of the usual rubbish that secular rap would have.

There’s an American Gospel rapper called Ambassador that I think comes the closest to that ‘holy grail’ of gospel rap where we actually manage to pass a Christian message and resist the expectations of the genre that says the tone must be a boast and most of what you say must be focused on the self. Seeing as Bouqui is a gospel Icon I wouldn’t be surprised if a few people disagree with me, but hey na my opinion so no allow me sprinkle you with holy water :D.

Sha enjoy the track if you can resist being overly analytical.

what if People listened to Music they needed, not what radio told them they liked? Ada -I beleive


Hiya, check out Ada with I believe in you. Another great worshiper that I’ve never heard of before. While some of the chords in the instrumental have been hijacked by that gospel sound I like to refer to as “Hillsong gospel sound”, she somehow manages to make it sound sorta contemporary. At times it almost becomes a gentle rock ballad… but enough yarns about the flesh of the track which I give a 7 outta 10.
On to the spirit of the track, which is a gift for God that I dare not rate, I like. The theme is simple and on point. She says I’m not here to brag about my life (personally I think Gospel rappers do that too much), you are sovereign, I’ve seen your goodness, your Glory… I am yours, you are God and I believe. I love it. Thank You Ada 😀

Back to the flesh of the track, the video possesses a calming quality for me while allowing us to get used to seeing her, a trick most new artists forget to employ. It was shot by Patrick Elis… I repeat Patrick Elis, so I love the fact that she works with professionals, I don’t like it when Christians shoot videos on a camera-phone and expect it to compete with secular music, success comes from God yes, but if you’re doing it for God get in as much quality as your money can afford.
So it’s crisp as you would expect from Patrick Elis and it’s simple as you would expect a Christian not to be wasteful with money. It’s a track you could start everyday with even if you wouldn’t jam it at the next Church party.

These artists from Loveworld records are really impressing me with the level of quality the go for. You can listen to Frank Edwards also, he’s a personal favourite of mine.